Blue Slip Inspection, AUVIS Brookvale Northern Beaches

Best Value Blue Slips in Brookvale

Looking for a cheap  blue slip also called Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Scheme Inspection (AUVIS) for your car or ute or truck in Brookvale? 

Book your unregistered car in with Tyreright Brookvale’s inspection station, our friendly experienced team would love to help you. Our team can also suggest faster, more affordable ways, to overcome defect notices should any changes to your vehicle be needed.

What is an Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Scheme Inspection / Blue Slip?

A blue slip or AUVIS inspection is needed if:

  1. Your registration expired more than three months ago (if you are not sure of the date call RMS NSW)
  2. You received a defect notice from the police and need to to clear a defect notice
  3. You have made significant changes to the vehicle, such as a new engine, and need the registration records to be updated
  4. You are bringing your vehicle into NSW from another state or country
  5. Your vehicle has no number plates
  6. Your vehicle was a write-off and has been approved to be re-registered

We complete all  blue slips/defect notices quickly whilst you relax at a nearby cafe in Warringah Mall -just a short walk from us.

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