Cheap Pink Slips Brookvale Northern Beaches

Best Value Rego Checks / Pink Slips in Brookvale

Looking for a cheap  pink slip for your car also called E-safety check or car registration inspection in Brookvale?

Get the very best value pink slip from Tyreright Brookvale.

We complete all registration checks (including blue slips/defect notices) quickly whilst you relax at a nearby cafe in Warringah Mall -just a short walk from us.

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Common pink slip questions

  • Do I need my registration papers? 
    • Generally no, using our electronic system we can get your registration details from your vehicle.
  • How long does a pink slip last for?
    • Pink Slips last for 6 months.
  • How do I know if I need a Pink Slip?
    • Your registration renewal form should state if an inspection is required. As a rule of thumb, cars that are 5 or more years old need to be inspected.



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